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Goes Where Scissors & Other Clippers Can’t

for the ULTIMATE GROOM everywhere!

  • MicroTouch® Titanium Max™
  • MicroTouch® Titanium Max™
MicroTouch® Titanium Max™


MicroTouch® Titanium Max™
MicroTouch® Titanium Max™

“It is the ultimate finish. You look fresh and dialed, just like you would coming out of a barber shop.”
-Corey M.

MicroTouch® Titanium Max™

“It’s the difference between having a good groom, and then taking it to a great groom.”
-Matthew F.

MicroTouch® Titanium Max™

“It is what I use to finish my groom the right way, every time.”
-Rob A.

MicroTouch® Titanium Max™

The Finisher for the Ultimate Groom!

The all new MicroTouch® Titanium Max™, micro-precision trimmer has an ultra-thin head with a perfectly-angled, side-mounted blades, that goes beyond where clippers and scissors can. Now, with micro-oscillating German stainless steel blades, bonded with Titanium, the MicroTouch® Titanium Max™ finishes your groom like nothing else can.

- Tame unruly hairs in seconds
- No nicks or cuts, just a perfect groom
- Portable, non-slip grip, LED light

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